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Evaluate The Methods You Used To Collect The Data For A Geographical Investigation. State The Title Of The Investigation

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Title: the form of Budleigh Salterton beach is influenced by the processes acting upon it.
Budleigh Salterton beach is stated on the south coast of Devon, England towards the western start of the World heritage Jurassic coast. It is a pebbled beach which the shapes of the pebbles being flat and oval as opposed to circular.
The investigation was carried out in groups of 4 with individual participants doing different task, which was sorted randomly. The first take was measuring pebble size, to do so we measured the longest axis using a tape measure, which we used centimetres for the measurements. We found that this method was easy and ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore as there were so many pebbles to measure within the allocated time period, this could have made some of the readings inaccurate however in contrast to this at each point there was 20 pebbles measured and none less. This is beneficial as we were able to collect all the data needed.
Another method used to complete the investigation was at each sample point the angle of the slope would be measured; this was carried out using a clinometers. However this method could be doubted as the clinometers was confusing to use and often the participant was unsure of the correct way to measure the angle of the slope, therefore giving the group the wrong angle. If a pilot study was carried out, this could have minimised this making the participant aware of the correct way to use the clinometers.
The other method used was to measure the distances from the slope to the shoreline, this was carried out using a tape measure. This method could be criticised since each time the distance was measured it wasn’t always from the same point, as the shoreline would change slightly depending on the tide. As a result the length was varying every time, and thus providing us with unreliable data.
Although we found that the methods chosen provided us with the data needed for our hypothesis, the data collected could have been more reliable if it wasn’t due to the human errors name.

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