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Evaluate The Responsibilities At Different Levels Of Goverment

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Central government is in charge at a national level, it is positioned in London where the houses of parliament and the House of Lords have many different types of responsibilities.
One of their responsibilities is to protect the whole country at a national level. The good thing about this responsibility is that it will make our country a safer place to live in by creating new laws and policies which will help protect the people either from drink/driving laws or smoking ban where they keep you from harm. The bad thing about this responsibility is only a selected few hundred MPs can make the choice and even through the people in the House of Commons are voted in by us, they may not do what ...view middle of the document...

An example of a law the government created was the ban on non-smoking in building with the UK in 2007 so keep the countries health in tack. The good thing about creating this law is that smoking is bad for you and if less people are smoking indoors it can reduce the amount of people smoking as they may not want to go outside if the cold to smoke also Smoking can also cause bad chest pains or can lead to asthmas or cancer. The bad thing about creating this law is the public’s reaction and the protest and debate that it may cause. In this article it shows that it was reported in January that an asthma study has shown a decline in hospital admissions since smoking was banned in enclosed public places in 2007. Child asthma: before the smoking ban, hospital admissions had been rising by 2.2% a year with a peak in 2006 and the beginning of 2007. Research shows there was a 12.3% fall in admissions in the first year after the law was introduced in July 2007, and these have continued to drop in subsequent years, suggesting that any benefits of the legislation have been sustained. NHS statistics analysed by researchers at Imperial College London showed the decline was equivalent to 6,802 fewer hospital admissions in the first three years of the law coming into effect and now only asthma affects one in 11 children in the UK. The findings show the trend reversed immediately after the law came into effect, with lower admission rates among boys and girls of all ages, in both wealthy and poor neighbourhoods and in cities and rural areas. The smoking ban in England has also been found to have reduced the rate of heart attacks. Previous studies have also suggested that the smoke-free law changed people's attitudes about exposing others to second-hand smoke and led more people to abstain from smoking voluntarily at home and in cars. Also the NHS will save costs as less people are being admitted into hospital will save more money from this and putting it into better things like cancer treatments.
Another law is the different types of discrimination acts that the government creates to make sure that everybody got an equal chance in life and not having you age, gender, race, colour, religion effect your chances for a job or education. The sex discrimination act was put into place 1975 to make sure that women had a fair chance at getting a job depending on what is was such as a fire-fighter. The good thing about this law was that women all over the country got an equal chance and was able to do a “man’s job” and not following this law got you in trouble the law and you could be fined or received a prison sentence. The bad thing about this law is that people will not change their minds about women working as the men would have seen the females to be at home cooking dinners, doing housework and childcare not putting out fires and the effect this may have is it will be open to law suits for not letting women into the fire service. For the fire service they put...

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