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Evaluation Essay

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Evaluation Criteria Paper
As the form of technology changes so do the need for new companies. Opening new companies enable new job opportunities. Bradford Enterprise is a company that has made a positive impact on expanding. Within the last 12 months Bradford Enterprise has doubled their locations from 10 to 22 and tripled their employees from 3,000 to 8,000. Expansion shows that a company is doing well and having a successful human resource department to help ...view middle of the document...

After carefully reviewing the necessary skills needed to fill the opened positions here at Bradford Enterprise, I have come up with a series of test for screening the applicants. These selection tests will help with recognizing the applicant’s skills, abilities, and aptitude. These tests will demonstrate how well the applicants complete specific job duties. Tests will be on a computerized testing system. This is an easier way for human resources to keep track of the way the test has been administered, and help with scoring errors. These tests are a form of adaptive testing. Adaptive tests are made up of questions chosen from a large test bank to match the skill and ability level of the test taker (Sage Publications, 2007). For are managerial positions applicants will be given a personality test used for decision making. These two tests are called self-report personality and projective techniques. After the tests have been administered and the interview has been completed human resources links the relationship between the applicants test scores and future behavior. This is predictive validity,...

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