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Evaluation As We Care Foundation Essay

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CECC Evaluation as We Care Foundation Board Member
Susan Miller
University Of Phoenix
BSHS 451
Program Design and Proposal Writing
Linda N. Latham, MFT
October 26, 2010
CECC Evaluation as We Care Foundation Board Member
We Care Foundation is in receipt of the grant request for the amount of $5,000. Whereas some of the guidelines for such a request have been followed, there are a few areas that need clarification before We Care can submit funds to the organization. The first item needed is a proof of tax-exempt status as a 501(c) (3) organization. According to the grant proposal policy set up by We Care Foundation for ...view middle of the document...

The needs of the CECC have been clearly outlined in the proposal and We Care respects and understands that because the remote location of the village in need, certain training, and special circumstances may arise. We Care is requesting that the problem be addressed in a clear and concise manner. We are not sure how the funds for the three conferences and one class for training will be implemented into the problem statement, because since the only problem described is basically that the village is isolated and in poverty. We Care would like further explanation on how the funds will be used for the conferences and training going to correlate with the village being isolated and poor.


Proposal objectives usually describe outcomes to be achieved within a particular time frame. The objective to continue to serve the children and prepare them for the future is a vague objective. We Care wants details of how CECC will prepare the children and serve them in this remote village. There may be other options such as providing a boarding school or transportation to other schools that are not in such remote locations. Please clarify the objective in detail.


The methods of the proposal outline the objective in detail as requested in the paragraph above, however, with the funds requested and this area was again left vague. The methods area of the proposal is written more as the objectives area. Methods need to include how to achieve the objective, a timeline (which was included as September 1 – Christmas and March 1 through early June) and should include where the funds are being allocated. The proposal stated that the CECC program will be staffed by two early childhood workers and two senior citizens from the community. How do these four people use the funds requested? Please clarify exactly how funds will be used in the methods section.


The evaluation component of the proposal was clear and straightforward. The two forms of evaluation are a good idea. A good idea would be to use outside evaluators whom are recognized as honest and legitimate members of the staff who can make...

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