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Starting back from the late 1800s to the 1960s there was a search for solutions for the development of four major approaches to management, classic approach, behavioral approach, systems approach and contingency approach; according to Evolution of Management. Scientists have been visually examining the demeanor of employees and managers due to collaboration between individuals and machines, inexperienced in running superior size factories, and the greater the business the more problems came with it. Each of these approaches is presented differently from one another in their own unique way.
First was the classical approach to management, which spotlighted mainly on the machines and systems that needed to perform each task efficiently. In the late 1800s the social desiderata of employees didn’t matter. It ...view middle of the document...

After nine years of researching what conditions in the workplace had the maximum effect of employee output, they finally came up with a conclusion. They believed that proper social relationships in the company were what they needed to produce more efficiency. Third, was the systems approach to management, which viewed organizations as sets of interrelated components to be managed as a whole with the purport of a prevalent goal. This approach consisted of inputs, transformation processes, outputs, and feedback. W. Edwards Deming devoted much of his life to spreading his word of perpetual amelioration and statistical process control to ameliorate quality. Fourth, was the contingency approach to management, which accentuates identifying the key variables in each situation, understanding the relationship among variables and recognizing the causes and effects of managerial decisions. This approach was considered to be an outgrowth of the systems approach. I would be obliged to verbally express the systems approach to management is the most important to me. I believe that a workplace is to be considered one. You arrive as a team, you work as a team, and you leave as a team. For example, in a restaurant, you have your servers, cooks, preps, dishwashers and managers, you can’t have one without the other, and it’s insurmountable. Each employee has a job to do, but no one job is more important than the other, like Robert Rodney and President Marshall Industries verbally expressed.
After presenting the different searches for solutions for the development of the four major approaches to management, classic approach, behavioral approach, systems approach, and contingency approach I hope that you can visually perceive how each are unique in their own ways. Which one do you believe to be most important and why?

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