Evoution Of The Human Race Essay

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Is The Human Race Still Evolving?

The origin of evolution is humble. Humans have evolved over the years, and there has been a form of progression in their evolution. All creatures share one thing in common; reproduction. The process of reproduction allows for transfer of traits and characteristics which in the case of humans, derive theirs’ from their common ancestors. However these characteristics are similar but their genetic composition vary in one way or the other. For instance, the early day human, from whom all humans of the present day derived their characteristics, looked alike in genetical formation. The degree of genetic variation has significantly increased over the years to ...view middle of the document...

The continued transfer of traits from one individual to the next enhanced new arguments and sentiments into the evolution theory. (Choi, 2009) refutes the thought that evolution in humans has stopped. Choi states that there are express signs that human beings keep accelerating and uses the human brain as an example asserting that research suggest that the human brain keeps changing both in size and intrinsic capacities. Wade (2006) on the other hand examined research done on different populations including Europeans, Africans and East Asians, and found that genes “appeared to have been reshaped by natural selection within 10,000 years in 700 regions of the human genome”. These findings helped physicians explain the difference in people’s appearance and it contributes to the negation of the idea that human evolution stopped (Wade, 2006).
Firth (2007) on the other hand explains the current state of affairs that researchers claim that there will be a split of the human race into two different species. According to Firth, a theorist from the London Economic School, Oliver Carry, came up with the predictions and contended the human race will reached its peak by the 3000th year. The idea was aimed at supporting the notion of continuity of human evolution. Firth (2007) adds that suggestions reported by a scientist, Dr. Curry are to the effect that the human genetic composition will be modified by surgery in the near future and that the human features will be determined by the inclination of men and women to choose who to mate with for perfect outcome. The effect is that there will be no racial...

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