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Exam 2 Essay

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Ryan Lawson
19 April 2011
PolSci 111
Exam 2


1. UNDERDEVELOPMENT- Frank reading. Underdevelopment is when a country exists with shortcomings or even lacks in areas of industrial growth, social welfare, jobs, political stability, education, and literacy. These countries typically have much poverty and unequal distribution of wealth. This is significant to comparative politics because we study how underdeveloped countries come to be more successful nation-states with prospering markets. We also study examples of countries that have failed at this. Some of the more successful countries would be Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Africa and Afghanistan would be ...view middle of the document...

1.)Traditional Society, 2.) Pre-Takeoff Conditions, 3.) Take-off, 4.) Drive to Maturity, 5.) Age of Mass Consumption. This is an analytic skeletal-structure, rooted in a dynamic theory of production. Rostow believes that these are the stages in which countries develop. This is significant to comparative politics because it is one way of categorizing and understanding where a country stands, developmentally, in today’s world. This includes Third World countries as well as more successful superpowers.

5. BERLIN CONFERENCE- Cammack Reading. In 1884, the Berlin Conference regulated European colonization and trade in Africa during the New Imperialism period. Europeans wanted to open Africa for trade, specifically King Leopold II along with France and Germany. It is significant to Comparative Politics because the European colonization of Africa helped Europe gain resources and opened markets. It also

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created competition among European powers and had a very strong link to Europe’s industrialization.

6. CIRCULAR CUMULATIVE CAUSATION- Myrdal Reading. The CCC is the main antithesis to the mechanistic analogy and stable equilibrium of the social and economic system. It denies trends in development and anticipates danger such as poverty and social crises. It is significant to Comparative Politics because it is a theory that tries to explain how successful countries grow and stay successful, whereas less successful countries have more difficulty because they do not already have the resources or the capital to move forward. Myrdal states that “countries are not working towards balance, but always working to move further, mainly in regards to Industry.”


1. Despite a common legacy of colonialism, some Third World countries have had
greater success with economic development than others. Why is this?

When analyzing the different Third World countries that have existed, one will find that each of

these countries have had different success rates. The level of state involvement in the development of a country’s market is directly linked to its success or lack thereof. There are three different types of developmental models studied within this course: the Developmental Statist Model (Andre Gunder Frank), the Liberal Capitalist Model, and the Capitalist Developmental State Model (Chalmers Johnson). After further observation of each model and examples of Third World countries that have displayed the three different types of development stated, one will certainly find that some countries have greater success because they followed the Capitalist Developmental Model.
First, it is necessary to look at the less successful models: the Developmental Statist Model and the Liberal Capitalist Model. According to Andre Gunder Frank, The Developmental Statist Model displays characteristics such as economic isolation, high domestic consumption and social services. This model has high state involvement that is somewhat intrusive,...

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