Examining Theory Paper

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Examining Theory Paper

In this paper I am going to go with the video for social structure theory when covering the following topics. I will introduce how the video supports a social structure theory, the primary subject and content, major principles of the sociology theory addressed and social issues discussed. I am going to discuss, in the last part of this paper, what are some possible consequences for a social policy change. The video that I have chosen to do this paper on will be the “Pelican Bay State Prison: War Zone” to best fit with my beliefs of social structure theory simply the top reason for criminality evolving.
In the video that I have viewed, “Pelican Bay State ...view middle of the document...

The primary subject discussed in the video is how the gangs are run from these gang leaders living inside the confinements of Pelican Bay. The prison is trying to fight back and put a stop to the gang activity, but it is doing no good. The prison are made try to and keep the gang leaders and members from continuing this activity of violence on the street and put them into a scare but the gang members and leaders come to Pelican Bay to hone their skills instead of losing touch of them. The prison is a war zone with violence at every corner and communication to the outside to order killings. This state prison has not been the upper hand for the law enforcement to keep gangs at a low but a backfire situation.
The social issues raised in this video are the controlling of gangs through the prison in many ways. The gang leaders in Pelican Bay run drugs through communication techniques used while in prison, and if there is a problem that needs to be taken care of through murder, it is the responsibility to the gang leader to order the call. Pelican Bay wants to stop this running that the gang leaders do, but it is not as easy as it seems. The battle of keeping the gang leaders from running the gang still while in prison is more of a war instead of a battle. There are so many different views that the prison staff has to look at in each battle of this war that goes on every day in the Pelican Bay State Prison.
There are two main principles that I see that are addressed in this video. The two principles are lack of healthy home growing up and gang life being the only home these prisoners of Pelican Bay has ever had. The prisoners confined in Pelican Bay State Prison have never had any other life except for the gang that they come from. The life of gang violence is what occurs daily in the prison and the gang leaders even control the murders of some individuals who have acted against the gang in a manner that the gang believes to be threatened in some way. The gang members and leaders confined in this prison have all they will know in the gang that they belong in and will give their lives for the gang.
The social structure theory was brought about by theorists who have studied the lives of 
criminals and where they came from starting in the beginning of that criminals’ life. As the
criminals’ lives were studied, it became apparent that there was a link to how the juveniles
 became criminals in this life. The most seen criminality comes from individuals who fail to graduate school. Therefore, when an individual continues in education the act of crime becomes less.
When an individual fails to graduate, it is usually because the lack of family support is not there as it is needed. The family support helps tremendously, but when family becomes broken the child suffers. When the child suffers from the broken family, that child will look for the support from another source. The support that a child, majority of the time, finds is...

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