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Example Business Proposal Bridal Company Essay

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TEL: 926-4853/6789

Minerva Fullerton-Ennis

Annette Williams

Camellia Gordon

Valrie Boswell-Buchanan


Quartoplet’s Bridal Agency will be geared towards giving efficient wedding services by providing wedding packages that will satisfy the needs of customers from low income earner to the elite spender.

Services in detail:

Package name: Desciption Cost______

Local guest: $

Exclusive Wedding rehearsals including JA150,000

private wedding consultant,

bridal and bride’s maid ...view middle of the document...

A- Business Management (UWI)

Experience Winwards Limousine Services

Duration- Ten(10) years

Description General overseeing of company services and policies, staffing criteria.

Public relations:

PRO Annette Williams

Experience: Glemores Boutique

Position: Supervisor

Duration: five (5) years

Customer service

Cutomer service Camella Gordon


Experience: Jamaica National Building Society

Position: Bridal registry consultant

Duration: Five (5) years

Private consultants

Senior private Valery Boswell-Buchanan


Experience: Moores Bridal Agency

Position: Bridal consultant

Duration: seven (7) years

All other consultants must have minimum Associate degree in Business management plus 3-5 years experience in required or similar position required by the Quartoplets Bridal Agency.


Start up cost (estimation) 2,000,000

(50%-loan,50% opening capital

Cost of fabric 200,000


Trimming tools 30,000

Artificial flowers 300,000

Bridal crowns 249,000

Balloons 25,000

Marketting advertising 67,000

Machinery 320,000

Furniture 200,000

Ancillary fees 20,000

Minor construction 150,000

Premises(lease) P.A 20000

Business registration fee 11,200

Equipment (computers,fax machine, 235000

Printer, copying machine)

Miscellaneous 130000

__________ ________

2,000,000 2,000,000

Marketing Arrangements:

Target audiences

❖ Churches

❖ Guest Houses

❖ Registrar General Department

❖ General public

❖ Guests


Competition in the market...

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