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Examples Of Biopoem About My Mother

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Chapter 10
Information Systems for Business Operations


SECTION I: Business Information Systems

10-1 Information Systems in Business:

As a prospective managerial end user you should have a general understanding of the major ways information systems are used to support each of the functions of business. The term business information systems is used to describe a variety of types of information systems (transaction processing, information reporting, decision support, etc.) that support the functions of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, or human resource management.

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Production/Operations IS
2. Marketing IS
3. Financial IS
4. Accounting IS
5. Human Resource Management IS

Business firms are turning to Internet technologies to integrate the flow of information among
their internal business functions and their customers and suppliers. Companies are using the World Wide Web and their intranets and extranets as the technology platform for their cross-functional and interorganizational information systems.

In addition, many companies have moved from functional mainframe legacy systems to cross-functional client/server network applications. This typically has involved installing enterprise resource planning (ERP) or supply chain management (SCM) software. Instead of focusing on the information processing requirements of business functions, ERP software focuses on supporting the supply chain processes involved in the operations of a business.

10-3 Marketing Information Systems: [Figure 10.5]

The business function of marketing is concerned with the planning, promotion, and sale of existing products in existing markets, and the development of new products and new markets to better serve present and potential customers. Marketing information systems integrate the information flow required by many marketing activities.

Marketing information systems provide information for:

1. Internet/intranet web sites and services make an interactive marketing process possible where customers can become partners in creating, marketing, purchasing, and improving products and services.
2. Sales force automation systems use mobile computing and Internet technologies to automate many information processing activities for sales support and management.
3. Other marketing systems assist marketing managers in product planning, pricing, and other product management decision, advertising and sales promotion strategies, and market research and forecasting.
4. Planning, control, and transaction processing in the marketing function.
5. Strategic, tactical and operational information systems assist marketing managers in product planning, pricing decisions, advertising and sales promotion strategies and expenditures, forecasting market potential for new and present products, and determining channels of distribution.
6. Control Reporting Systems support the efforts of marketing managers to control the efficiency and effectiveness of the selling and distribution of products and services.
7. Analytical reports provide information on a firm's actual performance versus planned marketing objectives.

Interactive Marketing: [Figure 10.5]

The explosive growth of Internet technologies has had a major impact on the marketing function. The term interactive marketing has been coined to describe a type of marketing that is based on using the Internet, intranets, and extranets to establish two-way interaction between a business and its customers or potential customers. The goal of interactive marketing is to...

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