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Exchange Rate Policy At The Monetary Authority Of Singapore

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Introduction: Identify case study topic and list assertions (3-6) that can be verified with evidence (field notes, interviews, etc.)

1. Assertions and Evidence: Discuss each assertion separately (minimum one paragraph for each assertion) and include supportive evidence. Underline assertion statements as presented.
2. Implications/Effects: Conclude with an interpretive discussion of implications/effects. Inferences and conclusions based on evidence presented can be drawn.


Management Case Study Introduction

Throughout the study, Shelley’s class was well managed. ...view middle of the document...

K.?,” “Let’s calm down. I like for you to answer the questions but I don’t like you to comment out loud unnecessarily,” “Let’s have all heads up please,” and “No one needs to be out of their seat.”
Shelley provided corrective feedback regarding unacceptable behavior to the whole class on three days and provided corrective feedback regarding the behavior of individual students on four days. On all of these occasions except one, the feedback consisted of one or two sentences. On one occasion, Shelley reprimanded a student for completing social studies homework during class. The reprimand consisted of the following statements: “Audra, put away your social studies work now. I’m very disappointed. This is science class, not social studies. If we can’t stop doing this, we’ll have to take some action.”
During a formal interview, I asked Shelley when she thought about management. “Mainly at the beginning of the year,” she said, “I put a list of rules up on the wall for a few weeks. After they know the rules I only think about management when misbehavior is seen. When I see something, I think about what to do about it. I don’t think about it much, I just do it.”
Although Shelley did not devote much class time to behavior management, she monitored student behavior throughout lessons. During every lesson, she scanned the class repeatedly and maintained eye contact with students. She also circulated around the room during lessons and often stood near students. Additional evidence for this assertion can be drawn from the daily TPAI data. Shelley received credit for the descriptor “Behavior of the entire class is monitored throughout the lesson” on 20 of the 21 days of implementation.
When Shelley detected unacceptable behavior, she promptly dealt with potential disruptions. On most occasions, the only student that could be considered potentially disruptive was Chuck. When dealing with a potential disruption, Shelley usually looked directly at Chuck, nodded “No”, and smiled. On three occasions she verbally dealt with the potential disruption. Examples of verbal statements included, “Chuck, turn around.” And “Chuck look over your notes again and see if you can find something you don’t already know.” On one occasion, Shelley went over to Chuck, hugged him, and said, “I would be so pleased if you would do what you were instructed to do.” During an interview, I asked Shelley how she managed her class. “The kids are very good really. There’s not much need for it. I try to correct misbehaviors right away.”
In addition to providing feedback regarding unacceptable or potentially disruptive behavior, Shelley also reinforced acceptable behavior. This positive reinforcement applied to whole-class behavior as well as individual acceptable behavior and included verbal and non-verbal reinforcement. For example, at the end of a lesson involving group work, Shelley said, “Thank you for following the rules and not disturbing other classes.” ...

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