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Executive Summary Essay

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Executive Summary

Sunpharma, as a pharmaceutical company, is going to modify its business model to base revenue on customer satisfactory.
-Strengths & Opportunities -Threats & Weakness
1. Wider products assortment 1. Shortage of competent pharmacists
2. Good relationship with business partners 2. Fierce competition
3. Corporation cultural focus on people 3. Pharmacist lack of “soft skills”
4. Self-service design
5. Upcoming favorable legislation
HR challenges and recommendations
After fully understand the current environment, HR faces external challenges such as ...view middle of the document...

Implementation plan
-Hire professionals from outside to held seminars and online resources:
The seminar will include communication, sales, and interpersonal skills. We will separate the whole seminar into four or five parts, and the schedule will be provided for pharmacists to choose. Those who cannot make to the seminars can select online training. All Pharmacists should attend the seminars, either online or attend the seminar. We can reimburse the travel or accommodation fees generated if they have full attendance.
We will hold network meeting between marketing professionals and pharmacists twice a week to obtain cross-functional knowledge. We also provide outdoor activities for cross-functional groups
-A new payroll system for pharmacists:
Performance evaluation should be based more on customer service, which means a bonus will be paid above base salary if customer satisfaction surpasses 50%.
-Provide customized courses in universities to help recruitment
-Seminar cost -Reimbursement cost:
-Outdoor activities cost: e.g., car fees -Productivity reduction
-Attendance of pharmacists -Customer feedback
-Customer lost
-The flexibility of customer service training provides pharmacists opportunities to organize their own schedules.
-Video conferences as supplements to the face-to-face customer service training will enable long-trip training and reduce cost.
-The improved performance appraisal and payroll system for pharmacists will greatly motivate pharmacists to focus on their customer service.
-Insourcing the training system will benefit the company financially in the long-term operation because of the stable number of trainees.
-Enhancing information flow within the company by establishing horizontal connections amongst different department and functioning sections.

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