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Exercise C Essay

400 words - 2 pages

Exercise C

1. What is the author’s claim?
a. We are all just immigrant, and immigrants deserve rights as well as citizens
2. What motivational proofs are present in the essay? How does the author appeal to what people are expected to want? How do the motivational appeals help support the claim?
b. The signs the protesters are holding saying “NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL. I AM A WORKER, NOT A CRIMINAL. TODAY I MARCH, TOMORROW I VOTE. I PAY TAXES” also the fact that many immigrants pay taxes and other things like social security, helping to fund vital ...view middle of the document...

What value proofs are present in the essay? How do the appeals to values help support the claim?
e. He shows the value of hard work by these men and women that are not here legally. They provide the base for the argument that immigration laws need to change for those individuals who are truly here for a better life. Value that all men, or women are created equal.
4. How does this essay appeal to your feelings?
f. Being that my wife is an illegal immigrant, this article pulls on my heartstrings. She is a good woman and does the right things as far as this government requires of its citizens.
5. Even though emotional support is used in this essay, it also contains logical support and support that establishes the ethos of certain individuals. Identify and analyze these other types of support in the essay. How do they support the claim?
g. The author provides statistics of how much revenue the U.S. receives from illegal immigrants; this provides evidence that they are needed to support the infrastructure of our economy.
h. The author uses Cesar Chavez’s boycott on grapes to say that they American people change this by taking the same kind of actions, if he could do it so could we

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