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Explain How You Could Promote Inclusion, Equality And Diversity With Your Current/Future Learners. Identify Other Points Of Referral Available To Meet The Potential Need Of Learners

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One of the responsibilities of a tutor is to ensure that every learner in their lesson is treated equally; feels valued, respected and to actively promote these at all times. Each learner is different, therefore, differences should be indentified at the beginning and teaching methods should be adapted to support individual learning needs and abilities.
Equality is about all learners having the same rights and opportunities to participate regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, religion disability, sexual orientation or age.
To promote equality in the classroom is by providing equal opportunities for all by making sure everybody gets a chance to participate regardless of differences based on race, gander, disability, age, sexual orientation, language, social origin and other barriers. It means giving equal support to all learners as well as ensuring any ...view middle of the document...

For instance, if there is wheelchair users on the course, a ground floor venue is likely to be the preferred option or where a particular class has to be above the ground floor it must have the option for the wheelchair user to be able to use a lift. For students that have a disability (such as being blind or deaf, etc.) it may be useful for the student to have learning support whilst attending the classes.
Inclusion means involving all learners in relevant activities rather than excluding them for any reason either directly or indirectly.
To promote inclusion carefully planned and prepared resources need to be part of teaching process, for example, handouts should be in a font size which is big enough to help partially sighted learners with reading it, and any resources need to be in plain English (i.e. avoid unnecessary jargon). A good layout combining pictures and text is far more stimulating for learners than just blocks of text. Colour paper may help those who are dyslexic.
When it comes to the actual teaching a tutor can use a number of techniques to encourage inclusive learning. These include using different learning styles, differentiation and varying the activities and interaction between the learners. It is understood that different people assimilate information with different learning styles such as auditory, visual, aural and kinaesthetic methods. Differentiation is when the teaching methods match and challenge an individual's needs and ensure their interest and enthusiasm in the subject is maintained. Understanding your students' abilities will ensure the right balance of methods and different activities are used.
Other points of referral which are available to meet the potential needs of learners include the hardship fund, learner support fund, Learning support, Citizens' Advice Bureau, Job Centre Plus, Deaf Association, Sensory Support, MIND, relate and Gay/Lesbian Associations, etc.

Gravells, A. 2008. Preparing to Teach in the lifelong Learning Sector. Learning matters: Exeter.

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