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Explain The Potential Effects Of Five Different Life Factors, On The Development Of An Individual

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P2: Explain the potential effects of five different life factors, on the development of an individual.

These are the five life factors on the development of an individual

1: Genetic – Psoriasis.

My mother inherited Psoriasis from her mother.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a common skin problem affecting about 2% of the population. It occurs equally in men and women, at any age, and tends to come and go unpredictably. It is not infectious, and does not scar the skin.

There is more likely to be a family history of psoriasis in people who get it when they are young than in those who develop it when they are old. ...view middle of the document...

Babies born to mothers who smoke:

are more likely to be born prematurely and with a low birth weight (below 2.5kg or 5lb 8oz).
have a birth weight on average 200g (7oz) less than those born to non-smokers. This effect increases proportionally – the more the mother smokes, the less the child weighs.
have organs that are smaller on average than babies born to non-smokers.
have poorer lung function.
are twice as likely to die from cot death. There seems to be a direct link between cot death and parents smoking.
are ill more frequently. Babies born to women who smoked 15 cigarettes or more a day during pregnancy are taken into hospital twice as often during the first eight months of life.
get painful diseases such as inflammation of the middle ear and asthmatic bronchitis more frequently in early childhood.
are more likely to become smokers themselves in later years.
In addition, pregnant women who smoke increase their risk of early miscarriage.untitledkyidryd

In later pregnancy, smoking mothers are at increased risk of the baby’s placenta coming away from the womb before the baby is born (placental abruption). This may cause the baby to be born prematurely, starve of oxygen, or even to die in the womb (stillborn).

for more information :

My mother’s mum smoked during pregnancy this meant that my mother was more likely to become a smoker herself as she go older and she did, my mother started smoking when she was 12 and continued throughout her life till she quit 2 years ago. Smoking during pregnancy can also cause health complications as they get older, my mother suffers with bronchitis and has done since she reached childhood. My mother spent most of her infancy in hospital this could be linked to smoking during pregnancy. They say that a baby who has a mother that smokes is twice as likely to spend time in hospital as a baby/child.

3: environmental – family dysfunctional.

potential problems.

Social problems including withdrawal, loneliness, loss of confidence, school problems, learning disorders, anxiety and depression, alcohol and drug abuse (particularly associated with mental illness), suicide or self-harming, theft and criminal behaviour.
Discipline problems including selfishness, defiance, unstable behaviour, recklessness, deceitfulness, violent behaviour and disruptive behaviour.
Educational problems including disruptive behaviour, bullying, decreased learning ability and academic achievements.
Parent conditions. ljutdyrru

Family conflict and discord: lack of structure and discipline, disagreement about child rearing.
Parental control that is too tight.
Overprotection is a risk factor for childhood anxiety.
Marital conflict, divorce or separation: most of the negative effects are caused by disruption of parenting. The parents’ ability to cope with the changes may be reflected in the child’s ability to cope.
Involvement of the father; the...

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