Exploring The Use Literary Techniques In Bossypants

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Exploring the Use Literary Techniques in Bossypants
To create a striking and memorable story, authors often use literary devices to bring a text to life. Literary devices help eloquently express one’s feelings while also playing to the reader’s emotions. In Tina Fey’s Bossypants, several techniques applied help successfully create a notable work of literature. Her use of literary devices proves to be effective as shown through the irony, humour and flashbacks.
Irony is often used by authors to add an element of humour to a simple narrative; Tina Fey’s use of verbal irony helps effectively convey her story. An example of this is when she says: “…I took a personal inventory of all my ...view middle of the document...

Tina over-exaggerates in this statement creating large emphasis on the subject while adding a comedic feel to the story. Breasts cannot actually be above the collarbone, so by creating this image through outsized characterization, readers create a funny mental image and better relate to her statement. Sarcasm, another form of humour, is also notably present throughout Bossypants. This is evident when Tina states: “If you’ve never been on a chartered flight full of people who are afraid to fly who have also been traumatized in the past twelve hours, I recommend it more than a cruise” (99). Tina Fey’s use of sarcasm to explain her experience on the plane helps effectively convey her story while also adding an element of humour. By using sarcasm, readers understand Tina as a person to a higher degree as it brings out her wise personality. This device also adds humour as readers imagine the situation more literally and reflect upon if that were to actually be true. Tina Fey’s applications of both hyperbolic and sarcastic humour help convey her story, while creating entertainment for the readers.
Flashbacks are a literary device used by authors to give the reader a better understanding of the character’s past. Tina Fey’s use of flashbacks is evident in this first example when she says: “During the spring semester of kindergarten, I was slashed in the face by a stranger in...

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