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External Factor Evaluation Paper
Example 1: Dell Computer Key External Factors Opportunities Increasing demand for Speed, Memory and Graphic Capability Increasing demand for Portability Emergence and early popularity of "Tablet" Products Improving outlook for PC sales Increasing focus on cost reduction Increased Use of Wireless Technology Increase in Strategic Acquisition Increasing Demand for Green Products Threats Increase in Competition Increasing interest in longer battery life Expansion of Business Models to incorporate new lines of business (Related Diversification) as the core business matures Decline in Netbook Sales Total Analysis of the External Environment Every company deals ...view middle of the document...

The emergence of tablets and the increasing demand for green products. Just like we discussed in the industry analysis, tablets are taking over the industry. Some analysts even predict that it might erase the era of the portable computer. The high possibilities of such a trend create both an opportunity and a threat for companies in the business. It is an opportunity because it creates a whole new market for the industry. The PC market has represented 80% of the industry for a long time and now the tablets give the competition more opportunities to try new strategies and be more creative. We can already see the effect of this trend on Apple who has been the pioneer of the tablets. Apple, who hasn’t been in the top five companies in the industry since 1999, is expected to come back as a leader in 2011. While most other companies are still experiencing the results of their first tablet offerings, Apple just launched is second generation tablet with the iPad2. The most successful company in the tablets market will gain market share in the industry. (Hoovers.com, Industry overview) It is a threat because it is competing with the main product of the industry which is the PC. Dell and HP, the top two companies for many years now, have built their success with PC shipments. Nobody could beat them in this market. The once famous “Netbooks” are already in decline and companies are losing money. Tablets are uncommon ground for most of the leaders and they have to adjust quickly in order to catch up. More importantly, tablets bring other strong competitors in the industry. Now they have to compete with well managed companies such as Amazon, Google, Motorola and others that are trying to take advantage of this opportunity. Not

getting involved in this market is a huge risk and can put a company out of business in the long term. All major competitors, HP included, have at least one tablet in the market. The “Dell Inspiron Duo Swivel Netbook” is quite different from what the market offers. It gives the opportunity to still enjoy the tablet without taking away the netbook that we are all familiar with. It will take more from Dell to be dominant in this new trend, but this new product is a good way to start. (Dell.com, 2011) The second big thing going on in the industry is the momentum for being green. There is a big promotion in the world to save the planet and fight global warming. That’s why every company in all industries is trying to find sustainable methods to do business. From using new sources of energy to promote recycling, companies are looking for new idea every day. The ideal of this trend is that not only it helps the environment thus protects future generation, but it also can be more profitable on the long term for the company. As it is proven, it takes less energy therefore less cost to manufacture a product with materials that have been recycled than with crude materials. Also, natural energy such as solar power, wind or water is unlimited...

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