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According to the recent research, almost 100,000 people get LASIK or LASEK surgery annually in Korea for convenience and better first impression. However, there still exist people who hesitate to get surgery because they don’t know well about the LASIK and LASEK. Therefore, it will be very helpful to read this article in that it includes information about procedure and some important matters to consider.

First of all, people need to know about the procedure of LASIK and LASEK in order to relieve fear of the surgeries. Both of LASIK and LASEK are based on a principle. Surgeons can adjust the convexity of cornea by ...view middle of the document...

Then the cornea is allowed to heal naturally. In contrast, only the ultra-thin epithelial "flap" is peeled exposing the cornea for laser reshaping. After the laser treatment is finished a bandage contact lens will be placed on the eye.
Next, preliminary patients might be also curious about how to recover and what is important after surgery. Similarly in both surgeries, doctor will have patients rest for a bit, and typically they can return home right. Most people who get LASIK surgery tend to feel very small pain. In contrast, LASEK patients feel pain or discomfort in the few days and need to keep the "bandage" contact lens for a week while the epithelial cells regenerate. Initial visual recovery can take up to a week with LASEK and final outcomes can be seen anywhere from a few weeks to several months as opposed to 24 hours in typical LASIK cases. Despite the pain and discomfort, LASEK eye surgery offers a safe and effective alternative to LASIK if you are not a good candidate for LASIK eye surgery because your cornea is thinner than normal people.

There is an old saying, “fear always springs from ignorance.” By comparing and contrasting the procedures and the information about recovery between LASIK and LASEK, people who hesitate to get surgery will become well known and improved public perception is expected. If you become interested, go see an eye doctor for advice and make your visions better now.

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