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Facebook Essay

1053 words - 5 pages

Kelsey Baker
English 099
Essay #3

Over the past few years, technology has developed and changed the way people communicate. With the development of the Internet and the associated structure technologies, many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace have emerged. These platforms allow the users to share their personal information and get connected with their friends around the globe. Currently, there has been a tremendous growth in cyber social networking. The popularity of using online social networks as a mean of communication has spread very quickly among the online users. It has almost become a daily activity in many people’s life. This phenomenon sparks much ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, social network sites can be a source of harassment and cyber bullying. The cyber bullying rate has increased by leaps and bounds. One of the most frequent reasons is that teenagers tend to over-share personal information such as their address, age, occupation and photos on social sites. Consequently, they may end up finding themselves having a personal life problem. One instance of cyber bullying is the case of Keeley Houghton allegedly posting a malicious message on Facebook and harassing other people (Burgee, 2009). Both harassing and addiction are mental health issues that need to be focused on.

Furthermore, there are signs of social network addiction. In the present age, online social addiction seems to be a major problem among online users. These social networks are based on the concept of a virtual world. Therefore, it has been suggested that many online users have a problem of interpersonal skills which makes their lives more difficult. For example, Conor (2010) identified that social network sites like Facebook reduce the opportunity for two people to get to know about each other through face-to-face contact. In addition, online social addiction can hurt real-life relationships. For instance, “most online social addicts are likely to be alienated from their family and group of friends”(Jayson, 2009). Recently, “research on the effect of social networks found that those users who spend most of their time on social networks tend to have a problem with their real-life relationship” (Jayson, 2009). Eventually, the users become dependent on online social networks and find it difficult to give up online networking.

Moreover, there are also many health issues regarding the excessive use of online social networks. Social networking affects both mental and physical wellbeing. Firstly, Internet relationships are considered to be short term relationships, which later on might lead to the problems of loneliness and isolation (Sigman, p15, 2009). To support the fact, Dr. Sigman states that children are now spending most of their time in front of the screen, undermining the influence of parents (2009). In the long run, it may lead to the...

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