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“We don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services. And we think this is a good way to build something”- Mark Zuckerberg.
With the launch of Facebook, the success and its reach to pinnacle was never doubted. .
Initially started by the transformation of Face books; Harvard's paper-backed students directory with the entries regarding bio-data of freshmen, into an online website called Facemash where two photos were randomly being put to be voted who is best, that turned out to be serious business with significant profit potential.
As the idea of Facemash was decreed by the school authority an insulting act prompting Zuckerberg to pull the site ...view middle of the document...

But the site was turned down by the Harvard administration and Zuckerberg was charged for violating individual privacy. Later on the charges were dropped but this incident left Zuckerberg with an

With the release of Facebook, there was no doubt in it reaching the pinnacle. Initially started by the transformation of Face books; Harvard's paper-backed students directory with the entries regarding bio-data of freshmen, into an online website called Facemash where two photos were randomly being put to be voted who is best, it turned into serious business with significant profit potential. As the idea of Facemash was decreed by the school authority an insulting act prompting Zuckerberg to pull the site down, Zuckerberg looked for a plan to elevate the website to yet another level entering rather into the social networking arena. This is where the major
turning point came. The social networking site introduced initially with the name 'The Facebook' within no time garnered huge amount of signups and registrations, accompanied by downpour of requests from various other schools asking Zuckerberg to provide them with the similar networking site for their school or either the license allowing them to use the platform employed by Facebook for the development of networking website for their school. But this success triggered various opportunities and problems that were required to be treated in a timely manner to ensure efficient business and...

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