Facial Expressions Essay

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A person is able to convey a lot with just a facial expression. A smile can signify happiness, while a frown can signal unhappiness. In some cases, our facial expressions can show our true feelings when in certain situations. At times we try to hide our true feelings and say we are okay but our facial expressions might signal otherwise. People often blink faster when in an uncomfortable situation. Blinking less frequently may show that a person is intentionally trying to control their eye movements. Poker players have to remain calm ...view middle of the document...

However the dominant perspective in psychology was that facial expressions were culture-specific – that is, just as every culture had its own verbal language, it had its own language of facial expressions” (Matsumoto, Hwang). Women are better than men at reading facial expressions according to a study published by Neuropsychologia ”Evolutionary psychologists have suggested that females, because of their role as primary caretakers, are wired to quickly and accurately decode or detect distress in pre-verbal infants or threatening signals from other adults to enhance their chances at survival” (University of Montreal).

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