Facing Poverty With A Rich Girl's Habit

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Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habit
Adele Strader
Professor Chryst
English Composition
October 22, 2012

Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habit was written by Suki Kim and published in the New York Times on November 21, 2004. The most important point that Suki want to make was that (1) what we have in life can be taken away in an instant (2) do not go bankrupt in South Korea (3) that a person must adapt and endure through the trials and tribulations in their life and (4) that no matter what you have or don’t’ have in life you must always be true to yourself.
Some of the other main points in this story are that Suki’s father owned shipping, mining and hotel ...view middle of the document...

“Because bankruptcy was punishable by a jail term, we fled, penniless, to America. The first English word I learned at junior high near Queens Boulevard was F.O.B., short for fresh off the boat. It was a mystery why some kids called me that when I’d actually flown Korean Air to Kennedy Airport”. (2004, pgs. 62-63).
Suki had to come to the realization that she did not have much in common with the kids that had emigrated from Korea, whose parents had moved to Manhattan or Westchester sending them to private schools. She did find solace in the English language class she took at school because there were other Korean speaking students like her and most of them were poor kids too.
“My consolation was the English as a Second Language class where I could speak Korean with others like me. Yet it did not take me long to realize that the other students and I had little in common. The wealthier Korean immigrants had settled in Westchester or Manhattan, where their children attended private schools. In Queens, most of my E.S.L. classmates came from poor families who had escaped Korea's rigid class hierarchy, one dictated by education level, family background and financial status”, (2004, p.63).
Suki and...

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