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The history of the cosmetics industry includes very dark chapters in European
and Western countries from about six centuries back. Mixtures and pastes were then
used to whiten the face, a practice which remained popular till over four hundred years
later. The early mixtures that were used in Europe for this purpose were so potent that
they often led to paralysis, strokes or death. In that era, another method that was
employed to make the skin appear fairer was to bleed oneself using leeches.
Up to the late nineteenth century, women in Western countries may have
secretly worn make-up made from mixtures of household products, as make-up was
then deemed the domain of film ...view middle of the document...

1 fairness cream of skin care brand which is developed by Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in the year 1975. This skin is termed as the world's first fairness cream, and used by both men and women for soft and clear skin. This skin contains no bleach or any harmful ingredients. This fairness cream brings real beauty and fairness on the skin and can be visible by others.

Types of Fair & Lovely cream are outlined below for ready reference:
• Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert
This fairness cream is enriched with many vitamins which help in making the skin softer, smooth. This cream is used daily which will results in improving the fairness of the skin, and removes any dark spots, and brings glowing skin. It prevents any dullness of the skin and ensures there are no dark spots on the skin. The change on the face will be easily visible, and seeing them, many other will start using this product. This is the best product which is manufactured by HUL for bringing glow and fairness on the skin of every end user. This cream forms a protective cover of vitamins around your face and protects your skin from harmful chemicals that can impact your skin of fairness. The price of fair & lovely advanced multi-vitamin daily fairness expert is Rs 44 for 25g and Rs 81.50 for 50g.

• Fair & Lovely Winter Fairness Cream
This fairness cream is enriched with richness of cold cream and its vitamin complex and moisturizers helps to give fairness along with soft and clean skin. This cream protects from dryness and gives natural and healthy skin. It over all helps in making your skin beautiful and glowing during winter. The price of fair & lovely winter fairness cream is Rs 45 for 25g and Rs 85.50 for 50g.


Nivea fairness cream is skin care brand of Beiersdorf. Its fairness cream helps in mositurizing the skin and keeps your skin smooth and soft throughout the day.

Type of Nivea Fairness Cream is outlined below for ready reference:
• Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow
This fairness cream is used by mainly women only after cleansing and toning their face. Only after this process, this cream need to be applied gently massaging in to the skin for better results in just three weeks of use. This cream was mainly introduced to bring out the real glow of end user's skin and make them sparkle and beautiful. This cream is enriched with many active ingredients to keep all kinds of skin healthier and softer. This cream helps in many ways, as it protects your skin from ultraviolet rays and reduces production of melanin. Nivea visage sparkling glow cream will help in cleaning and keeping the skin glow and beautiful. The price of this fairness cream is Rs 260-Rs 290 for 50ml.


Garnier Fructis is the best brand which is owned by L'Oreal. Garnier Fructis has bought up a best fairness cream which helps each end user to keep their face soft and glowing.

Types of Garnier Fairness Cream are outlined below for ready...

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