Fall Prevention Essay

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Fall Prevention
Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for persons over 65 years old. Falls can be linked to several factors such as several medical, cognitive and functional factors. There are several factors as well as situations that can increase fall risk such as unsteady gait, vision and cognitive impairment, incontinence and environment (Huey-Ming, 2011). In 2005, a sum of 15,802 individual over 65 years of age reportedly were injured from falling and died. In 2006, 1.8 million estimated individuals over 65 years old incurred some kind recent injury related to falls (CDC, 2006). However, the number of uninjured older adults that fell or had minor to moderate ...view middle of the document...

Change Process
There is little doubt that ‘if we do what we always did we will get what we always got’ and the single biggest obstacle to effectively managing organizational change is the people issues that can arise (Mclean, 2011). All staff members will be involve for the change to be implemented. This includes the secretary, house cleaning employees and the security personnel. Fall prevention should not be left for nursing staff alone. The staff members will have two weeks to read the materials and information before the implementation of the fall prevention. There will be an in-service on fall prevention, training and information on falls prevention will be presented every shift for a week. A falls committee will be implemented for the unit. The falls committee will consist of a nurse and a nursing assistant from each shift, a social worker, nurse manager, staff educator and a physician.
Forcefield Analysis
Force field analysis is a valuable change-management tool. This management technique was developed by Kurt Lewin, an expert in experiential learning, group dynamics and action research.
Lewin’s force field analysis evaluates the net impact of all forces that influence change. These forces can be divided into two groups: driving forces and restraining forces. The driving forces are (usually) positive, reasonable, logical, conscious and economic. Driving forces are all forces that push for and promote change. These change drivers promote and encourage the change process (Lee, 2008). The driving forces for this project are laws and regulation, finance, standard of care and increased efficiency. Restraining forces are forces that make change more difficult. The restraining forces are (usually) negative, emotional, illogical, unconscious and social/psychological. These forces counteract driving forces and lead to the avoidance or resistance of change. The restraining forces for this project could be fear, lack of training, and the lack of incentives. Both sets of forces are very real and need to be taken into account when dealing with change, or managing change, or reacting to change. Increasing the driving forces is not enough for change, as the restraining forces remain in place, and as long as they remain in place it becomes harder to use the driving forces. Lewin suggested that change would be easier and longer lasting if the forces against change were reduced, rather than the forces for change being increased (Lee, 2008)
Change Theory
Kurt Lewin’s theory posits that change occurs in three stages: unfreezing, moving and refreezing. Unfreezing involves motivating individuals by getting them ready for change, moving involves encouraging individuals to adopt a new perspective, and refreezing involves reinforcing new patterns of behavior (Mclean, 2011). Lewin’s theory is the framework used in this paper for planning, implementing, and evaluating the acceptance and success of the fall prevention program. To assist nurses in the...

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