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False Image, Real Effect Essay

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Prof. Brown
Engl. 101
Research Paper
False Image, Real Effect
Advertisements do not always present the truth but people can still choose to accept it as truth. Advertisers have always stretched the truth in order to sell a product. Advertisements present everything as an extravagant, over the top, perfect for all, necessity. Throughout time, new techniques for advertisements have developed. Because of technological advancements there are more ways to advertise as well. Before, news and anything good would have been spread through word of mouth. Now, there are voices coming through radio stations telling people what they want and need. Advertisement pictures and videos are constantly ...view middle of the document...

More men than ever before, are now experiences body dissatisfaction. Similarly to women, men are pushed into accepting and transforming into the acceptable male image presented in advertisements. Psychology professor Deborah Belle from Boston University and Researcher Ida Jodette Hatoum, in their artcle, "Mags and Abs: Media Consumption and Bodily Concerns in Men", reveal that normal and underweight men want to gain weight, whereas, those overweight wanted to lose weight. Unlike with women where there is only the idea to loose weight and be considered slim, men are faced with the pressure of not being large enough along with loosing weight, Because men are concerned with both loosing and gaining weight there is a growing connection with behaviors such as, dieting, exercising, and the use of beauty products within men. Researcher Crysral M Bonneou-Kaya and psychology professor Frederick G. Grieve from Western Kentucky University, in their journal, "Weight Loss and Muscle Building Content in Popular Magazines Oriented Toward Women and Men", develop their claim by first verifying that there is a difference between weight loss and muscle building in men's versus women's magazines. They then add that although there has been a slight decrease in muscle gain content in men's magazines, there is still pressure to obtain and maintain a muscular body. Although the advertisement content targets men and women differently the pressure to embody the ideal image is still very much alive. Because male's body shape dissatisfaction is a new phenomenon there is still an increasing pressure on men to achieve a certain body shape. Men now have a mass amount of images to evaluate themselves against, just as women have had in the past. Due to advertisements that have published images of the ideal body, men, like women, are pushed into one single ideal body size and shape, making them more likely to experience body dissatisfaction.

Advertisements support and provide examples of the ideal image for men. World known former English soccer player and icon, David Beckham has collaborated with H&M to create a clothing line. The collection is called, David Beckham BodyWear, which consists of basic clothing pieces and underwear. The advertisement images for this line are mostly of him in some to one piece of clothing. The photographs for this years campaign are in black and white, allowing for a more defined structure of body and face. In one of the shots, David Beckham is wearing only underwear and is exposing his athletic body. He is posing with his upper body twisted toward the camera, stretching his abdomen and causing more definition. Lights have also been strategically placed to illuminate and cast shadows in desired areas of enhancement. "The media [is] considered powerful communicators of body ideals due to their accessibility. popularity, and pervasiveness" (Bair and Grieve 116). Because advertisements are everywhere and always around they have become a great...

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