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Fans In The Stands Essay

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Mylon Richard
Mr. Joubert
English 101G1
16 October 2012
Fans in the Stands
Professional sports have become one of the most popular industries in the world today. The media spends billions of dollars on advertisements with billboards, commercial, and merchandise. Teams spend millions of dollars on professional athletes all for one reason, the fans because if the fans are happy then the owners are happy. The fans ticket sales and merchandise purchases are what keeps all the sport teams around and prevents professional athletes from losing their jobs. Fans are the most crucial part of any franchise. There are three types of fans in the sports world, average fans, fanatics, and fair-weather fans.
A diehard’s favorite team is basically their second religion. The diehard fan would be the one who knows the team like the back of ...view middle of the document...

They make time for their teams no matter what is planned by cancelling birthday celebrations, dinner dates, and family time because to them the team comes first. They are also more involved than a casual fan.
A casual fan is a below average to average follower of their team. Casual fans mainly just know the star athletes which are like the quarter back, running back, line backer, and maybe even a defensive back. They are not the fan that watches the game from the tip off to the final buzzer, the first pitch to the last out, or the kick off to when the clock hits zero. Casual fans only wear the colors and support their team on game days. That is if they know their team is playing that day because they have a busy schedule. Their busy schedules only allow them to make a few home games. Casual fans are extremely easy going and laid back and tend to not stress about how their team is doing due to more important things in their life like family and friends. They are not really disliked by anybody because keep to themselves as opposed to the fair-weather fans.
Fair-weather fans are the most despised fan in all of sports. A fair-weather fan is one that only follows or cheers for their team when they are successful. Fair-weather fans have no loyalty when their team is experiencing a down period record-wise, and will most often not show support for them as a result. They are indecisive when picking a favorite team that they will follow for the rest of their lives. These types of fans have been known to purchase team merchandise when the going is good and team is winning, but not when all is bad and team is losing. Furthermore, fair-weather fans only show up for games when their team is winning. These are likely the easiest types of sports fans to identify because they either switch favorite teams or will all the sudden show up in that particular team's attire.

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