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Philiposhpy of Clothing
Throughout history clothing and fashion has been present in people’s lives. Some people wear clothing for appearance or necessity as a result clothing has been either a need or a want. Events that have occurred in history over time have helped shape fashion and the way people cover up their bodies. People wear clothing for many different reasons. Whether people dress to impress, dress because nudity is wrong or whether people dress for practical reasons; the question still remains, why do people wear clothing? Clothing provides a sense of protection, confidence and attractiveness, dress remains to be one of the most powerful ways for self expression.
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Men wear hard hats, gloves or boots. Police officers wear bullet proof vest and medical workers wear gloves or facial mask. People involved in environmental activities wear protective clothing and certain sports require protective padding and special gloves. Identification can include people wearing certain types of uniforms in order to be recognized as part of a group or as a company employee. Identification can also include clothing that displays insignias that are used to show individual membership in a club or organization. People also wear clothing for modesty; in which they determine an appropriate amount of the body to display. Different individuals and different cultures standards differ in reference to manner of dress. Each culture has different standards of modesty. The level of modesty also depends on the situation. In church, dress up attire is appropriate, in school the dress is uniforms and at social events the dress is more casual. An example of this would be; Muslims who wear veils to protect their modesty or even the Amish style of dress. Superstitious and religious style of clothing is based on each different cultures superstitions and religions. Examples of this include; in early renaissance period pointed toe shoes were used to ward off witches and bridal veils were used to keep evil spirits away. Other examples include, Mormons wearing garments that fully cover their bodies, Amish people wear dark and simple clothing, Hebrew men wear hats in the temple while their wives attend without hats and in the Roman Catholic Church men go without any head covering, while the women wear hats or veils. Sexual attraction entails fashion worn to appeal to the opposite sex. Women dress to attract men and men dress to attract women. In the Victorian era, bustles were worn to emphasize the buttocks and corsets were worn to show narrow waist.
Clothing does have a huge impact on first impression, people judge individuals based on their appearance and personal style. The garment a person wears does influence the opinions of others. When an individual’s credibility is essential such as a job interview a good first impression is important. A nice and neat appearance makes a good first impression. Studies shows that since 90% of a persons body is covered by apparel, the clothing a person wears make either a positive or negative impact. Clothing can show respect and consideration in any given situation. In terms of non-verbal communication appearance is vital for conveying a message. Personal appearance conveys non-verbal communication. An example is, a speakers clothing causes an audience to form an impression; if it is positive the audience will relate to the speaker and if it is negative the audience...

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