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Fast Food Industry Essay

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Fast food, a kind of food can be prepared and served in a short time, is one of the most controversial and frequent words in the U.S. even in the world. Fast food is commonly considered as an inexpensive meal with much easier preparation than the process at home. As the economic growing, many modern people have to live and work in a very fast tune. They do not have much more time for buying ingredients and preparing food at home so that they’re eager to find a fast and convenient way for their meals. Fast food is one of the ideal solutions. Therefore, more and more fast food restaurants opened. The fast food industry revolutionized the food industry, affecting the lives of the ...view middle of the document...

The American fast food industry has great market share since it has its advantages to back up and support its business for growing and growing.

Fast food is the product of the fast-paced society. The greatest advantage of fast food is saving time. In the modern society, many people have busy schedules everyday. They have to wake up early for work and usually have only one hour for their lunch, which means the time is not enough for preparing food at home, even it is a strict time for eating their meal in the restaurants other than the fast food restaurants. When one backs home and feels all tired and hungry at the end of a hard-working day, there is nothing better than getting a ready meal. The fast food such as burger, taco and pizza would be the ideal meals for their dinner. With fast food, people can spend less time in preparing food and don’t worry about the meals everyday, which means that fast food can reduce their stresses. If one wanted preparing food at home, one has to buy raw ingredients for meals during one’s private time, has to consider about the menu everyday, has to spend time for washing, chopping, peeling, and cooking the raw ingredients in the kitchen, and has to wash and clean the dishes after the meals. The fast food industry helped many Americans solve their problems of daily meals and save much more time from their kitchens.
Moreover, fast food restaurants always provide convenience ways for their customers to take and eat their meals. The customers can order in store and then choose eat-in or take-out. Some restaurants even provide phone order for some fast food taking a little bit long for preparing, sometimes including delivery service. McDonald’s also provide drive-thru service so that customers do not need to get off their cars to order and pick up. Furthermore, fast food always comes out in form of convenience, like burger, sandwich, taco, etc. Wherever one goes, one can take fast food along with. In other words, one can have meal on road, bus or subway. How convenience it is!
Another benefit feature of fast food is its affordable and reasonable price. The American fast food is produced by the assembly lines. The fast food workers only need to worry about their own work positions so that the producing efficiency could be increased much more than the traditional food industry. The amount of salt, sugar, pepper, and other flavor are the same, even the cooking time are the same. Everything is standardized producing, which means the fast food restaurants do not need to hire chefs with high payments. After some simple training, everyone could be quite qualified for the work of producing fast food. Thus, the labor costs of fast food industry are much lower than the traditional food industry’s. In addition, the ingredients for the fast food always are some ingredients in low prices, like potato, tomato, lettuce, chicken, etc. Moreover, the ingredients are pretty cheaper than others since the fast food...

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