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Fathers Rights Essay

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Father’s Rights

Anthony McCauley


November 10, 2010
Darcy Vernier

Father’s Rights

Divorced men or men from a failed domestic relationship that produced children are not properly represented by the courts or the court of public opinion. These fathers are prone to labeling as deadbeat dads or uncaring fathers by virtue of separation from their children. The majority of the separation from their children is no fault of their own, but because of geography and financial limitations.
In the majority of child custody hearings, the mother is always favored. This is regardless of her parenting ability or her financial ability to support the children. ...view middle of the document...

This has a large negative effect on noncustodial fathers and nothing but positive for the custodial mother. This allows the custodial mother to live at a standard that she has become accustom to but forces the noncustodial father to live at a substandard level. Whenever the noncustodial father makes any financial advances to raise his standard of living, a child support modification order can be submitted by the custodial mother essentially giving herself a raise and penalizing the father for making more money. Each parent makes decisions with the money he or she has available. In many cases if the father makes wise investments with his available money and gives the appearance of possessing more money, the mother will accuse and pursue the father for more even though it is evident she is in a better financial situation. At this point it appears to become less about the children and more about financial gain. The father and children are suffering because this often leads to hostile communications between the parents and limited contact with the children until the problem is resolved. If the noncustodial father receives a demotion or loses his job, the courts are also slow to respond on his behalf.
The courts will also drag out or delay rulings on the modification for months and even years until the noncustodial father’s income is sufficient to increase the support amount. Most judges will do anything they can to avoid ordering a decrease in support. Many states also calculate child support based on the noncustodial fathers ability to earn. This is does not seem fair. In these trying economic times finding a job after losing one and...

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