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Fear Of Public Speaking Essay

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The slightest thought of public speaking can bring an overwhelming fear to most people. It can cause someone to shake and sweat and even have heart palpitations when it’s mentioned. There are a number of different reasons an individual may fear public speaking and in order to overcome that fear it is important to identify those reasons. For some the thought of public speaking can bring fear because they doubt their abilities or feel they may fail their audience. Others may not want to be judged by their audience or they simply feel vulnerable when speaking in ...view middle of the document...

According to one article the good thing about overcoming your fear of public speaking is that the fear is learned and with lots of determination and practice this fear can be unlearned (Colombo, n.d.).
For me personally public speaking has never been one of my great fears. Luckily, at a young age I was taught to be comfortable with speaking in front of any type of audience, large or small. In middle school and high school I participate on a debate team as well as the school’s drama club. In both activities I was expected to speak in front of groups of people and the more I did this the more comfortable I become, not to mention that my speaking skills become very well developed. When speaking in public it is important to really know what you plan on discussing and to practice beforehand so that your speech will flow smoothly which in turn will cause you less anxiety. The other thing that cannot be stressed enough is the need to practice, practice, practice.

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