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Feasibility Analysis

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Proposed business: F&C - Salad Packaging
Salad Ready is a pre-packaged, ready-to-eat salad created by a company seeking to fill the market desire for foods that are both convenient and healthy. This plan is to make an innovative food product available to student market.
It is a new venture, F&C (Fresh and Convenient) is the name of the product, and it is mainly to sell special salad to customers. In the following parts, the Business Idea, Industry Related Issues, Target Market & Customer-Related Issues, Founder (s)-Related Issues, Financial Issues and Overall Business Potential will be introduced respectively.

Business Aims:
The object of F&C is to manufacture and ...view middle of the document...

Salad Ready-type products have been successfully marketed for five years in Switzerland, and were introduced only a year ago in France, where they have already taken one-third of the linear shelf space in the chain stores and supermarkets. (David H Urmann, 2009)
The possible markets size for F&C - Salad Packaging should be small sized only sales near schools. Although there is no patent protection, the idea and technology is proprietary and unique. There is currently no similar product on the market in Bangor. Existing products that come closest to this product are quite different in content, containing compacted shredded vegetables or ice berg lettuce instead of loose- leaf vegetables. They also differ in appearance, sold in a cloudy package instead of transparent film. For instance, Morrisons sells salad to customers, however it is compacted shredded vegetables and customers need to help themselves. It is wasting time for students who need to go to school.
When it comes to the potential growth of markets and the industry trends, Salad Ready has a high capacity for adaptation to regional differences, different market segmentation needs, and food consumption trends, because it can easily accommodate variations around its basic two-fold concept of freshness and convenience. If the products accepted by more and more people in the school, then it could be introduced to many other industries, such as hotel, supermarket, restaurant and gymnasium. Sports fans are the specific target market areas which are important. People need to replenish their energy after exercise. Hence, selling the special salad to sports fans maybe is a good business.

Target Market & Customer-Related Issues:
Target Markets: Schools, Gymnasium, Supermarkets.
Target customers: Students, teachers, sports fans.
Pricing: 1. The price will be right in order to penetrate the market.
2. The price should always cover the cost of production.
3. The price should allow for profitability.
Example: 4 oz packet 3£- 4£
: 8 oz packet 6£- 7£
Promotion: Advertising, promotional posters will be provided to schools, dormitories, mailbox, and everyone will be emailed to know where you can buy the products. Carry out promotional activities, for instance, discount, and buy one get one free at the beginning in order to attract more customers.
Distribution: In the school, packaged salad will be provided to the coffee shop, and the ground floor shop in the main arts. In the dormitories, it will be provided in the club. Students live in the dormitory will go through there when they go to school. In terms of gymnasium, we can cooperate with the sport centre. If customers willing to pay additional two pounds to gymnasium, then he can have a very nutritious salad after exercise.

The major consumer trends which play a key role in selection of food products are as follows:
More women working outside of the home.
Consumer concern about fitness and health.

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