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Feminism Essay

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A feminist is a person who supports feminism. Feminism is a concept that is aimed to providing equal right to women. A research was done on 667 women on 1992 March on Washington for Reproductive Rights. These women were broken down into three specific groups. The purpose of this research was to find out who were the weak, strong, and who weren’t feminist at all. Also to demonstrate that women would do almost anything to prove that they should be or are equal to men. Women were examined based on associations with the “feminist label, feminist attitudes, gender consciousness, and activism”. According to the text it was believed that each generations ...view middle of the document...

“Feminist self-labeling was more important in explaining women's relationship to feminism than was generation, implying that exposure to a shared ideology can unite members of a group across” was another important fact in this article. “Education about feminism and provision of a feminist lens might strengthen the commitment of some of these weak feminists”. In my opinion this is bad because it can provide enough information to develop a riot and make women turn on men including demanding more rights. In my culture in the past women were treated as housewives. They weren’t allowed to work, many weren’t allowed to get educated, and were even thought as being weak. Today women are provided education and the right to employment showing how successfully they fought to establish these rights.

The articles had some valid points some were stronger than others. The strength of the article in my view was the comparison of each category. This was able to help me identify the author’s argument. The author was creative
in how the comparison was made. Weak feminist have some alike traits to a strong feminist when it comes to attitude and some sense of critical analysis but what separate the two is commitment. Overall the didn’t provide as much detail or information as I would expect it.

Duncan, Lauren,"Women's Relationship to Feminism: Effects of Generation and Feminist Self-labeling," Psychology of Women's Quarterly; Dec 2012, Vol 34 Issue 4, 498-507

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