Feminism And Other Ideologies Notes Essay

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Feminism and other ideologies notes
Liberal feminism derives from a belief in individualism, which suggests that gender differences are at best secondary and should not affect the rights and opportunities of women and men. This form of equal-rights feminism aims to establish for women and men equal access to the public sphere, bringing about change through incremental reform.
Socialist feminism uses the socialist critique of capitalism to explain gender inequality, implying that class exploitation and sexual oppression are linked social processes. For Marxists, both have their root ...view middle of the document...

Radical feminists challenge the idea of compatibility with other doctrines, as neither liberalism nor socialism acknowledges the fundamental political importance of gender divisions and its roots in family and personal life.
Traditional Conservatives believe that the traditional role of women as housewives/mothers is natural and creates social order/stability, eg mothers are seen as neglecting their children if they put their education or career before their family duties. Rise in crime and vandalism can be blamed on working mothers.
Conservative ideas are based on a belief in:
* tradition, which legitimises the sexual division of labour
* an organic society, which implies that biological differences determine, and legitimise, their different social roles
- hierarchy which suggests male 'breadwinners' will inevitably have a different social position from female 'homemakers'.
The New Right contains a paradox in relation to feminism. The conservative strand strongly supports traditional family values (and hence patriarchy and gender inequality).
The liberal strand supports individualism, equality of opportunity and a meritocracy irrespective of sex, race or religion.
Remember the focus is on conservatism as an ideology not on the views and policies of Cameron and the modern Conservative Party. Just writing about more women candidates/MPs etc does not get you very far.

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