Field Service Management Essay

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Assessment of service system at Toyota retail outlet in East London in terms of
* Service delivery system
* Use of technology in service system
* Employees they use
Service delivery
Find out what is their service delivery method in terms of cross-functionality as against functionality ( is there cooperation between marketing, sales, finance and accounting).
Find out the method they use to assess the level of customer satisfaction in terms of( meeting customer requirements, ...view middle of the document...

Find out if they outsource some of their service such as IT maintenance and call centres or have them internal.
Employee they use
How do they achieve internal service quality though employee retention, employee productivity, employee satisfaction, employee training and development and employee support.

Assessment of product design at Toyota production plant
Assess what strategy they use for new product introduction in terms of Market pull, technology push or Inter-functional view.
Assess their product development process in terms of product design approach is it (sequential or concurrent, functional or cross functional).
Assess if there is collaboration with customers and suppliers (customer inputs to new product design, use of suppliers expertise and advises)
Assess their function deployment in terms of( Market target, customer attributes)
Assess how they achieve product value analysis in terms of (product feature, product performance and product reliability).
Assess their design in terms of commonality of parts, basic function and product simplification (Modular design or other)

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