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Fight Essay

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Medicine. General Information

Read and translate the following definitions:
Medicine: Science of diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease. The word also refers to any drug used to treat an illness or injury.
Physician or Doctor: Person trained and licensed to practice medicine; one who treats the entire body is a general practitioner (G.P.) .
Surgery: medical specialty of cutting into, or performing operative procedures on the patient. A doctor who does this is a surgeon.
Acupuncture: Method of curing illness or relieving pain by inserting needles into the body at certain points; originally developed by the Chinese.
Epidemic: Contagious disease which spreads rapidly throughout ...view middle of the document...

A doctor always diagnoses the patient's ailment before treatment. Communicable disease: Disease m which the causative organism factor can be transmitted from one person to another, the common cold is the most familiar example. Family Practice: A certified primary care specialty emphasizing general medical care for the entire family.
Biopsy: Portion of tissue removed from the living body by an operation and examined to aid in diagnosing a disease.
X-ray: Form of radiation used to create photographic images of bones and internal organs and, in some cases, to treat them when they are diseased; overexposure can be dangerоus.
Nurse: Person trained to care for the sick, infirm, or injured, often under the direction of a doctor.
Patient: Person who is undergoing medical treatment for
sickness or injury.
Health insurance: Form of protection against the high costs of health care. Payment of a premium guarantees medical coverage to the insured person.
Hospital: Place where medical and surgical care is provided for sick and injured persons.
First aid: Emergency medical treatment given when professional medical advice is not available.

1 Answer the given questions:
1 What is another name for a doctor? 2 What is the term for a sick or injured person under medical care? 3 What is the method of curing disease that was developed in China? 4 What term describes a disease that spreads widely and rapidly? 5 Define a skeleton. 6 What is the study of the structure of organisms called? 7 Give three names for a place to buy prescription drugs. 8 A doctor cannot cure an illness unless he has made a diagnosis. What is it? 9 Name one familiar communicable disease. Do you know others? 10 How can x-rays help doctors make more accurate diagnoses? 11 What does a nurse do? 12 What is a patient? 13 What is the purpose of health insurance? 14 What is a hospital used for? 15 What is a disease? 16 What is an antibiotic? Name some. 17 Who uses a microscope? What can it do? 18 When is a first aid given? 19 Explain the term medicine. 20 Name the medical specialty that involves operations.

2 Translate the following words and phrases in written form:
лікар; лікувати; хірургія; процедура; хворий; заразна хвороба; чума; різати; попередження хвороби; аптека; прописувати (ліки); мікроб; речовина; наука; діагностика; лікування; пошкодження; голка; скелет; кістка; череп; рентген; ребро; застуда; хребет; нездоров′я; внутрішні органи; лікування; медична сестра; зразки крові, сечі, тканини; дати професійну пораду; перша допомога; небезпечний; страхування.

Supplementary reading. First aid. What shoud I do?

1 - What should I do if someone's clothes catch fire?
- First of all, put out the fire by wrapping the victim in a coat or blanket, by turning him over on the ground in dirt or sand, or by putting water over him. Next, check to see if the person is breathing and his heart is beating. Then, call or ask someone to call an ambulance.

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