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Fight Club is a story of the narrator’s struggle to gain control over his life. He is in search for an identity in the form of manhood. His masculinity is so repressed because of the absence of a father figure in his life. Because of this he creates Tyler, his alternate personality. Tyler is nothing like anyone the narrator has met, he is self assured and completely free. The narrators alternate personality Tyler Durden is the ultimate alpha-male. Tyler becomes the narrator’s hero and he envied him. After creating Tyler the narrator’s view on the world is adjusted. Tyler ends up changing the narrators life and has him doing things he never thought he would do.
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The idea of masculinity in the novel is depicted in a intense way. The Narrator goes to say “ what you see at fight club is a generation of men raised by woman” ( 50) . These men feel that they have been overpowered by the female presence that they didn’t have a chance to create a distinct male identity. This is why they fight, because they associate fighting with masculinity. The members of fight club do not feel that their jobs are allowing them to grow as individuals, so they come to feel irrelevant. By being in fight club they hope to get rid of the unnecessary parts of their lives and discover themselves. To the members of fight club fighting makes them feel alive and allows them to connect with their masculine side that they don’t find in their normal life.
Throughout the novel both Tyler and the narrator express dissatisfaction with their state of masculinity and offer their own solution in the form of fight club. The narrator’s struggle lies within his aspirations to find some form of masculinity that is best for him. The narrator has his own idea of what masculine is and notices that he only fits a small part of the characteristics. This disparity of how he views himself and how he thinks he should be gives rise to his feeling of not being masculine, disappointment and leads to the narrator’s alter personality Tyler Durden to keep coming to life.
Tyler in a way becomes a father figure to the men of fight club. He does this by taking the men under his guidance and giving them a feeling of purpose and belonging that they have...

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