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File Retention Essay

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Employee Files and Retention
In Human Resources the managers must make sure the files are maintained properly, stored properly, and the documents are filed in the appropriate files within the company. There are state laws that have to be followed. When determining where to place a document, the HR department has to consider what information the document contains. Personnel files cannot have documentation with medical, social security numbers or sensitive information (Personnel Records: What should, and should not, be included in the personnel file?, 2015). Most employers have three or four different employment record filing systems (Audit: Personnel Files: Employment (Personnel) Records Audit Checklist (Including Form to Audit Individual Employee Personnel Files), 2014). Personnel files contains employee performance information; confidential records contain non job-related or confidential information; payroll records are usually maintained by ...view middle of the document...

Confidential Files
* Medical records (retention 6 years after plan year)
* Drug testing (retention: negative test 1 year from test date; positive test 5 years from test date)
* Background check/credit checks (retention: 5 years)
* Worker’s compensation (retention: 30 years after date of injury)
* Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms (retention: 3 years from date of leave)
Payroll Files
* Child support/garnish
* W-4 Form
* Pay and deductions acknowledgements
* Time keeping
* State withholding forms ( retention: 4 years after report is filed)
* Retention of payroll files are 3 years but it is recommended that employers retain the length of employment, plus an additional 5 years.
I-9 Forms
* Are never filed in personnel files
* Should be kept locked in cabinet or filed in secure database.
* Retention: 3 years from date of hire or 1 year after termination
* EEO Record
* Equal Employment data should be filed separately and used only for reporting to programs such as the Affirmative Action Program (AAP) or for diversity tracking.
* Retention: EEO 2 years after report filed,
* Retention: AAP 2 years close of AAP year.
In conclusion, as a manger in HR there are many guidelines that need to be followed with the filing system to make sure the company is in compliance with all laws no matter what state the company is in.

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