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Film Review

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Honor of Chinese culture in film.
The Hero is a Chinese film based in Hong Kong China, and it is entirely a wuxia film. It is a martial art film, and it depicts the Chinese culture and unity. The king in the film is trying to bring together warring kingdoms and also come up with a standard Chinese language among the variations. There is a conflict depicted in the film that of who to trust. The king is almost lured to believe an assassin who finally forgives the king. There is an excellent use of flashbacks in the film hence making it a narration film as most of the stories narrated, and flashback is used. Most of the fights shown in flashbacks where nameless and ...view middle of the document...

(Chan, E, 2004)
Apart from the culture of leadership, defence and offense for the kingdoms is shown. It is depicted through the culture of martial art. The martial art culture is combined with the military skills in most of the fights in the film. The martial art skills are clear in the flashback fight between sky and the royal guards of Qin. There is also an extremely overwhelming martial art fight between sky and nameless in that they are even. The martial arts also used in the fight between the king and broken sword where broken sword overpowers the king but does not kill him. Nameless also used martial art skills to warn the king who earned him his death. The Martial art culture in the film is awesome and is sometimes fused with the military skills for example in the king's palace where the guards use arrows to kill nameless.
Gender stereotypes are common in most cultures. The hero film does not have gender stereotypes as it uses both genders equally. The film also shows the female and male genders are equal as it shows. The evidence is in the martial arts especially when flying snow and broken sword engage in a fight, and they are even. But broken sword gives in and lets the sword stab himself from flying snow. The evidence is also when the King narrates to nameless that the two had earlier attacked them and hacked their way through the army of men though they failed to kill the king.
In showing the gender equality, the film introduces another theme of gender and romance. Gender and romance depicted in the film are great as there are love birds in it. Flying snow and broken sword are two assassins who apparently love each other. And at the end of the film we see them die by the same sword although nameless reports that they have had a strenuous relationship for the past three years. There is also romance in the film where broken sword makes love to moon in order to make flying snow angry. The film does not restrain any gender stereotypes but reinforces women to have equal opportunities as men as it shows them to be equal. In representing the duties of people, the men and women are equally shown to have the same abilities. Thus in terms of gender and stereotyping, the movie does a good deal in showing both genders to be equal.
From culture, the film applies visual designs that are enormous. The film uses good visual designs, music and effective landscapes. The colour themes that used in the film are outstanding and complement the flashbacks applied in most parts of the film. One of the most evident parts of the film that uses visual designs is the flashback to the calligraphy school where Broken Sword is the calligraphy master. In this state, everyone is wearing red and visual effects here complement the flashback by the fact that the Qin’s men later attack killing a lot of people. The visual designs used in the strange torches that are burning in the king’s palace complement the film. The flames burn vividly, and they help to complement...

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