Film Studies Essay

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Film Viewer Opinion Paper
Francis F Perkins
May seventh 2012
Carole Ricotta

Film Viewer Opinion Paper
I decide to watch a film from the film trailer’s that are advertised on television. I enjoy science fiction movies and if a science fiction movie is coming I will try to watch it’ I enjoy movies with a large amount of action and violence in it. I will watch other movies and am surprised that I enjoyed them. A so called “chick flick” is not really my ...view middle of the document...

” I will watch the movies that are advertised on television before I will go see the film. If the trailer for the film has a much action in it I will go watch the film. I have watched films that looked exciting on television, and they turned out to be duds. I go to the movies I like to be entertained and not given something to think about.
What make a film enjoyable to me are many parts of the film. If the acting is good and the actors make he or she believe that the action is really going on, and it makes the film enjoyable. Special effects in a film can make or break a film if I believe what is happening. Some films are made too dark, and it makes it hard to see what is going on in the film so lighting is important in a film. Of course a good plot line in a film is important with many twists and turns in a film makes it interesting. A good murder mystery or horror movie with many twists and turns in the plot is an interesting movie.
A movie can be unenjoyably if it takes too long for the plot line to become apparent and the movie seems to drag on and on. Poor acting can make a film seem long and boring even if it has a good plot line.
In conclusion I enjoy different types of films and will give any film a chance by watching even if I do not think I will enjoy it.

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