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Final Crude Oil Essay

1008 words - 5 pages

Rising Gas Prices
Luis A. Garcia
June 20, 2011
Pamela J. McGlynn

Rising gas prices
This essay will show the effects of rising gas prices and how they will be at an all
time high in the up coming years. One will read various viewpoints from United States
Government officials, Law officials. One will also show how this raise in gas prices will have an
impact on businesses and how the consumer will be affected in the long run. Gas prices are on
the raise because of unrest in the middle east and because of this it directly affects the cost we
pay at the pump to fuel our vehicles.
The first viewpoints come from an article published by ...view middle of the document...

Just think of the extra cost to police and fire departments with a
multiple vehicles that drive all over the county 24 hours a day. Law officials are constantly
reviewing their budgets to see where they make cuts. Marilyn Heiman the director of the U. S.
Arctic Program, and Pew Environment Group offshore energy reform efforts. She said it seems
as if there is any unrest in the Middle East, or increased demand in gas or oil prices, that there is
offend an even louder cry for more drilling in the U. S., and this also include Alaska’s Arctic, but
the Deepwater Horizon disaster showed what can happen when we move ahead without proper
research. Drilling is not the answer. We need well thought out plan that will be thoughtful and
produce the desired results of proper planning

according to Dinneen (2011) “ that American ethanol is the only clean-burning fuel currently available to replace and reduce oil imports now”.

There is no one immune to the ever increasing gas prices. It almost seems like every time
the consumers passes a gas station the cost of fuel has increased. We all know that higher fuel
prices mean higher costs everywhere. Prices at Grocery are increased because of the increased
price of diesel fuel. The cost is impacts the grocer and then to the consumer. Crude oil is about
$111 a barrel. With the continuing increase of crude oil we could reach the $147 a barrel that it
reached in 2012. Increases in oil prices leads to cost increases for businesses, which can choose
to pass it on to the consumer or not to. Most of the times companies will not, if profits are good
they will absorb these costs, ending in lower profits to keep consumer prices down. The USDA
forecasts that food costs would increase 4% this year, and that was before gas prices increased.
With crude prices going up it dramatically impacts the amount of income consumers have
available to them. The family trips...

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