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Final Report

689 words - 3 pages

Assignment on Reading 4.1:

Distinctive Human Resources Are Firms’ Core Competencies

Submitted to:

Md. Abul Kashem, Associate Professor, DU
Course Teacher – Strategic Human Resource Management
MBA, Department of Business Administration, Green University

Submitted by:

Himel Sanjib Kisku ID: 120207073
MBA, Green University of Bangladesh

Submission date: 16 August, 2013

Distinctive Human Resources Are Firms’ Core Competencies
By Peter Cappelli and Anne Crocker-Hefter

← “Best practices” or “Benchmarking,” has flooded the popular business literature
← The notion of a single set of “best” practices may, indeed, be ...view middle of the document...

← Wharton School seeks faculty whose work is recognized as excellent in academic fields. (BUY)
← Harvard graduates are known for their general management orientation and superior discussion skills, while Wharton graduates have superior analytic skills associated with functional areas.

Beyond Direct Services
← The link between employees and product market strategy is sometimes less direct in services, but there are still relationships between the way employees are managed, the competencies employees help produce, and the way companies compete.

The Shipping Business

← FedEx
← “Empowered” employees
← First service company to win the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award
← Intensive orientation program
← One hub at FedEx meant that there were fewer coordination problems, allowing for autonomy and participation
← More of a “high commitment”

← Employees have no direct say over work organization matters
← Company standards for each task
← No efforts at employee involvement
← Pays the highest wages and benefits in the industry
← Productivity of UPS’s drivers is about three times higher than that at FedEx
← UPS’s business demands a level of coordination that is incompatible with individual employee involvement and a “high commitment” approach

← Exhibit 4.1 illustrates the relationship between the way in which human resource competencies are generated and the business strategies that flow from them.
← “Flexibility” is associated with...

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