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Using Microsoft Corporation to Demonstrate the Optimal Capital Structure Trade-off Theory
John C. Gardner, Carl B. McGowan Jr., and Susan E. Moeller1 ABSTRACT
In this paper, we apply the trade-off theory of capital structure to Microsoft. We use data for bond ratings, bond risk premiums, and levered CAPM betas to compute the cost of equity and the weighted average cost of capital for Microsoft at different debt levels. This study shows the impact of increasing financial leverage on WACC. As financial leverage increases, the WACC decreases until the optimal debt ratio is reached, after which, the WACC ...view middle of the document...

Although a firm’s costs of debt and equity at first increase as it raises the proportion of debt in its capital structure, the overall WACC will decrease over this initial range as the tax benefit outweighs the negative impact of the increases in the component costs of the WACC. At a certain level of financial leverage, however, the tax benefit will no longer provide a sufficient advantage to overcome the rising costs of debt and equity. Past a certain debt ratio, the market will demand a yet higher interest rate and cost of equity as the market perceives that the firm’s risk of bankruptcy is increasing because of the firm’s rising debt load. Consequently, after this point of financial leverage, the firm’s WACC begins to increase. At the point where a firm’s WACC is minimized, the firm’s value is maximized, a relationship which can be demonstrated using simple algebra. In this study, we provide an empirical demonstration of the trade-off theory of financial leverage using Microsoft Corporation, a company that has had no long-term debt in its capital structure since its inception thirty years ago (the capital structure is 100 percent equity)2. We show how, in principle, Microsoft Corporation could maximize the firm’s value by increasing its financial leverage. Application of the theory involves calculating the firm’s weighted average cost of capital under different financial leverage scenarios using actual market information to determine Microsoft’s costs of debt and equity as financial leverage increases.


The authors are faculty at University of New Orleans, Norfolk State University, and Eastern Michigan University, respectively. The authors would like to thank the reviewers and editor for helpful comments while retaining responsibility for any errors. 2 For an empirical explanation of why companies choose to be debt free see Gardner and Trzcinka (1992).



The next section illustrates how the WACC of Microsoft can be calculated and used in conjunction with the trade-off theory to determine its optimal capital structure. To maximize its market value, Microsoft would continue to increase its debt ratio until the WACC is minimized.

Calculating the Optimal Capital Structure for Microsoft Corporation
Determining the Cost of Debt as Financial Leverage Increases
Assuming that the bond market is efficient in determining the risk of a firm’s debt allows the use of the yield to maturity of a firm’s new bond issues as a proxy for a firm’s cost of debt. Of course, the firm’s debt ratio is not the only factor that changes as a firm’s bond rating decreases. The models used by bond rating agencies are more complex and include numerous factors, all of which deteriorate as the riskiness of the firm increases. We use the debt ratio alone as a proxy for these various effects. Table 1 is derived from S&P (2006) and Damodaran (2008) and shows the average debt ratio...

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