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Financial Analysis Final Report

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P/L TURNOVER COGS GROSS MARGIN OVERHEAD ADDED VALUE TAX/WAGES EBITDA DEPRECIATION 25,030,000 9,000,000 16,030,000 2,810,000 13,220,000 13,890,000 -670,000 -300,000


EXAM FINANCIAL ANALYSIS BEGINNERS 1. What would you say on the ...view middle of the document...

3. If you were bank manager what would you think? Liquid Ratio AR + Bank + Cash AP Inventory COGS 78.65%

Days of Inventory

2 years

There is a lack of liquidity of the Company which makes difficult to fulfill their short terms commitment of payments; however, due to the high Inventory and the Gross Margin of this Company would be an interesting and risky investment as long as they give the Inventory as a warranty or reestructure its headcount.

4. What about the short term situation of the Company? Acid Ratio Current Ratio Bank + Cash 5.60% AP Inventory + AR + Bank + Cash AP


AP Suppliers Overhead AR Turnover

8 months we are late in suppliers payments

2 months payment commitment of Clients

AP Suppliers COGS

2 months payment commitment to Suppliers

As we mentioned before, the Company had a liquidity issue. They are not capable of fulfilling their payment commitments in the short term (they have a delay of 8 months with their suppliers). Moreover, the Company should not have an issue on the payment conditions with Clients and Suppliers since in both cases the payment commitment is of 2 months roughly. Regarding the Current Ratio, it could be tricky because the Inventory should not be considered since can not be easily cashed (Wine).

5. What would you say about the amount of the inventory, account receivable and account payable? The Inventory level hold by the Company seems reasonable (2 years) as the Wine requires a certain period of time to improve its quality. Account Receivable (AR): According to the amount of the AR, we notice that our Client payments are being made...

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