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Fish Keeping In An Aquarium Essay

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Keeping fish in an aquarim

Did you know the average ration of fish kept alive in an aquarium vs. how many perish just trying to make it to the exhbit and survive there is 50%? I ask you this because, although we all appreciate the beauty of the diverse animals and swirling colors, in the end is the loss worth it?

Before a fish is placed into an aquarium it goes through quarantine. Quarantine can be described as a different process to most facilities, but one goal is in common, to add "healthy" fish to the main exhibits. Most fish are brought in from an extremely stressful transfter that consists of being shipped in small, air depleted bags (yes, fish do breath oxygen from the water that is taken from outside air mixed into the water; ...view middle of the document...

This may be used in conjuction with other chemicals and temperature fluctuations to produce a parasite free specimen. Imagine yourself packed into a tiny box depleted of air, added to an alien environment and then made sick by chemicals, that if measured at all incorrectly will in fact kill you. Most fish do not eat during the Copper period of the quarantine and this lasts at some places for 30 days. This is considered standard to make sure the parasite that is being targeted-Crypotcarhon irratans is erradicated completely all the way through it's life cycle. Fish will succumb to the Copper toxin, the stress of the new environment and the other fish the may be placed with having aggression issues.

If the fish does make it through quarantine, and there are species that are famous for not being able to handle it, it is introduced into the exhibit. Usually all the parameters that the fish has now been used to are different in some way ensuring more stress on the animals. These parameters being pH, salinity, temperature and multitude of other things. Immediately, it is fight or flight. Established fish have their own territories and will protect them aggressively if the new fish may wander into that area. Usually the new fish will hide and go without food for several days trying to dodge these aggressors if possible. Depending on the animal, some will come out eventually, some will not. Animals die under the stress of the new enviroment coupled with postioning for rank and a place to establish as there own. Some fish school to avoid predators and if there is a school already intact, that may be a more successful introduction for the animals, as they can just disappear into the school and be protected by it's numbers.

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