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Work Experience Program Course Handbook

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Welcome and General Information ............................................................ 3 Syllabus .................................................................................................... 4 How to Write an Objective ......................................................................... 6 Examples of Objectives ............................................................................. 7 Employer Guide to Assist with Objectives ................................................. 8 Course Summary Report Guidelines ...view middle of the document...

Our staff and resources are available to help you obtain the maximum benefits from your efforts. These are some of the benefits of our program.

• Link education with employment

Earn college credit while learning on the job

Improve work skills through writing, completing, and evaluating on-the-job objectives

Work cooperatively with a Work Experience Coordinator, your work supervisor, and the Bakersfield College program staff to increase employment skills The Work Experience Course Handbook provides the forms and information necessary to meet the course requirements. It also provides a letter to your employer/supervisor from our office. Please present this letter to the person who directly oversees your work. Work Experience is a valuable and significant part of your college education. Please feel free to contact us at any time during the semester for assistance with this course.

Career Development and Workforce Preparation Family and Consumer Education (FACE), Room 16 Phone: (661) 395-4580; Fax: (661) 395-4522


Course Syllabus
Contact information for Work Experience:
Cindi Swoboda, Department Assistant Family and Consumer Education (FACE), Room 16 Ph: (661) 395-4580 -- Fax: (661) 395-4522 Email: Janie Budy, Program Manager Office of Career Development and Workforce Preparation Ph: (661) 395-4023 Email:

It is expected that, as a result of participating in a Work Experience course, students will be able to: • Explore the workforce by work study, internships, or off-campus employment • Develop career-related goals • Apply job search skills, including development of a Resume, to successfully find employment • Communication skills to prospective employers The following steps are the responsibility of the student and are required. All required course assignment forms are contained in this handbook beginning on page 13. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Complete the Online Work Experience Process Complete/submit an on-line Work Experience application Enroll in a qualified Work Experience course Attend Mandatory Work Experience Orientation Complete and submit Insurance Liability letter

Work Experience Course Requirements:
1. Online process • Must complete online process 2. Online Application • Complete a Work Experience application 3. Attend a mandatory Work Experience Orientation 4. Complete/Submit the Insurance Liability letter, (on campus worksites do not require an insurance liability letter). 5. Job Objectives • Give your employer/supervisor the employer letter contained in this handbook. • Talk with your employer/supervisor and develop your objectives. • Complete Objectives 1- 2 Worksheets during the first meeting with your Work Experience Coordinator.


6. First Meeting • At the jobsite, prior to the 4th week, meet with the Work Experience Coordinator and employer/work supervisor 7. Summary Report 8. Off Campus...

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