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Five Step Model Essay

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Applying the Five Step Model


University of Phoenix
Amy Riddle

The five step model begins with identifying the problem. In order to do that is by understanding exactly what is going on. Once the problem is identified, the rest of the process will feel more manageable. Discovering how the problem all started is the next leading thing to the process. Thinking critically will help anyone start a list. When the list is created you can now figure out how to solve the problem that you are having. Now it’s time to evaluate what is the best option to the solution. Critical thinking becomes your best tool here. The best part of it all is doing what ...view middle of the document...

I can consult an organization that can help me make sense of the situation. Acknowledging the problem, much like with other issues in life, is a good step. For example, if I have unconsolidated, sky high student loan, I would visit my school's financial aid department and ask them about ways to consolidate my loans or how to reduce my monthly payback amount without increasing interest. Additionally, if my credit debt is very high, I can speak to my credit card company and ask about alternative payment plans. The simple act of just asking may provide some insight.
Third, it’s in my best interest to start adjusting my spending habits. I have to start living within my means. Once I've isolated the problem and looked into possible solutions, I can start to chip away at extra expenses that may be making the situation worse. For example, if I am spending a few hundred dollars per year on a gym membership, I can consider buying some gym tools for my home in instead of the actual gym. While making sacrifices isn't always easy, they have...

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