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Food Essay

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Zack DeYmaz
Dr. Lewis
Eating Culture
Food Procurement
With such a wide variety of brand names and prices, going to your local grocery store can seem overwhelming with all the choices put in front of you. But what you don’t think about is, “Why am I at Kroger?” The reason is probably because that’s where my family shops or the affordable prices. In reality, economics ...view middle of the document...

A plant that grows well but cannot be sold will vanish from monetized economy” (Anderson 82). There may be a wide variety of choices, but they are choices within your budget. Fresh fruits and meats come at a much higher price, which many people can’t afford. So they end up settling for food that isn’t quite as fresh or nutritious.
On the other end of the spectrum, Fresh Market provides fresh higher quality goods, but at a higher price. This is where the split in social class becomes apparent. I visited both grocery stores with a different mindset other than to just buy food, and realized major differences between the two that had never occurred to me. As I walked into Kroger the first thing I noticed was how plain and uninviting the environment was. The irritating fluorescent lighting following you everywhere, along with the constant announcements over the intercom.

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