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Ford Recruitment Essay

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Established in 1995, Ford India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader. Ford India manufactures and distributes automobiles and engines made at its modern integrated manufacturing facilities at Maraimalai Nagar, near Chennai. Joginder Singh is the President and Managing Director of Ford India.
The company’s models include the Figo, Fiesta, Ford Classic, Endeavour, and the most recently launched Ford EcoSport.
Ford’s operations in the country also include Global Business Services, comprised of Ford Business Services Center and Ford Technology Services India. Located in Chennai, New Delhi and Coimbatore, ...view middle of the document...

1. Interview information
• Name of Employee:
• Job Title:
• Job Analyst:
• Department:
• Date:
2. Job introduction
• Describe: location of job and, if necessary or appropriate.
3. Job purpose:
• What is the essence of work in your position? What is the job’s overall purpose?
4. Job duties
• What are the main duties and responsibilities of your position?
• Describe your duties in the following categories: daily duties, periodic duties, duties performed at irregular intervals
• How long do they take?
• How do you do them?
• Are you performing duties not presently included in your job description? Describe.
• Do you use special tools, equipment, or other sources of aid? If so, list the names of the principal tools, equipment, or sources of aid you use.
5. Job criteria / results
• How would you define success in your work?
• Have work standards been established (errors allowed, time taken for a particular task, etc.)? If so, what are they?
• Describe the successful completion and/or end results of the job.
6. Records and Reports
• What records or reports do you prepare as part of your job?
• Who do you have to send these reports?
7. Supervisor
• Who is your supervisor?
• What kinds of questions or problems would you ordinarily refer to your supervisor?
• Are the instructions you receive clear and consistent with your job description?
8. Authority
• What is the level of authority vested in your position?
• What is the level of accountability and to whom are you accountable?
• What kinds of independent action were you allowed to taking?
9. Responsibilities
• Are you responsible for any confidential material? If so, describe how you handle it.
• Are you responsible for any money or things of monetary value? If so, describe how you handle it.
10. Compensation
• Consider your level of productivity, and the skill level required to fulfill your responsibilities, do you think that you are: underpaid? equational paid? Overpaid?
11. Knowledge
• What special knowledge of specific work aids are needed for this position?
• Describe the level, degree, and breadth of knowledge required in these areas or subjects.
• Indicates the educational requirements for the job (not the educational background of the incumbent).
• What level of education is required for your position?
• What type of certification and licensing is required for your position?
• Can you specify the training time needed to arrive at a level of competence on the job?
• What sort of on the job training is needed for this position?
12. Skills/ Experience
• What activities must you perform with ease and precision?
• What are the manual skills that are required to operate machines, vehicles, equipment, or to use tools?
• Indicates the amount of experience needed to perform the job.
• What level of experience and skills are required for your position?
13. Abilities required
• What mathematical ability must you have?...

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