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Foreign Attacks Essay

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An attack can be defined as a violent and aggressive action against a person or place. In past years, there has been a number of devastating and highly influential attacks on the United States. Being the country that we live in, these assailments should not and do not go unnoticed or swept under the rug. As it is the government’s job to protect and make the decisions of our country, they are also responsible for taking immediate action when the United States is under disorder. As evident in numerous instances, defending America has always been the top priority of our military and government. As a result, Americans retaliate against their attackers, which consequently lead to a very costly operation. However, despite the costs of these attacks, the government should definitely continue ...view middle of the document...

It not only caused the United States to declare war the next day, but also directly led America into World War II. The United States retaliated to the Japanese by the use of atomic bombs on two major cities of the country. Although this action was shockingly atrocious in comparison to the attack on Pearl Harbor, it showed the people of Japan that the United States was not a country to be reckoned with. While this is a suitable example from earlier years on why the American government should defend the country by striking back, there was another event that caused millions to sway their opinions toward vengeance.

On September 11, 2001, a militant group called Al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets and conducted suicide crashed into the World Trade Center of New York. This by far might have been the most devastating foreign attack on the United States. This resulted in thousands of loved ones being killed and two of the most significant building of the country being destroyed. In result, the United States immediately responded by calling further war. In 2011, under the presidency of Barack Obama, the United States military was able to find Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the attack, and kill him once and for all. Although many people of Iraq were devastated at the news of this, the terror that they caused for our country gave them what they deserved.

While it may be wrong to fight fire with fire by retaliating and fighting back on foreign countries that attack the country we live in, it would be foolish to have things left unsettled. As one can see from the events of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, it is necessary for the American government to continue the tradition of fighting back with countries that cause trouble and destruction to our peaceful nation.

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