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Foundations Of Individual Behavior Essay

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Individual Behavior Sets
Performance Behaviors- task performance,customer service,productivity.
Withdrawal Behaviors-absenteeism,turonover,job disengagement.
Citizenship behaviors-helping,volunteering,job engagement.
Dysfunctional behaviors-antisocial behavior,intentional wrong doing.
– is the process through which people receive,organize,and interpret information from environment.
* Psychological Contracts -is the set of individual expectations about the employment relationship.
* Perception and Attribution
Attrubution -is the process of explaining events.
Attribution error -overestimates internal factors and ...view middle of the document...

* Big Five Personality Dimensions :
* Extraversion-is being out going,sociable and assertive.
* Agreeableness-is being good natured,cooperative and trusting.
* Conscientiousness-is being responsible,dependable and careful.
* Emotional stability-is being relaxed,secure and unworried.
* Openness to experience-is being curious,receptive to new ideas and imaginative.
* MYERS-BRIGGS Type Indicator -a sophisticated questionanaire that probes into how people act or feel in various situations.
4 dimensions of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
* Extraverted vs. introverted (E or I)-whether a person tends toward being outgoing and sociable,or shy and quiet.
* Sensing vs. intuitive (S or N)-whether a person tends to focus on details or on the big picture in dealing with problems.
* Thinking vs. feeling (T or F)-whether a person tends to rely on logic or emotionsc in dealing with problems.
* Judging vs. perceiving (J or P)-whether a person prefers order and control, or acts with flexibility and spontaneity.
Sample Myers-Briggs Types
* ESTJ (extraverted,sensing,thinking,judging)-decisive,logical and quick to dig in; common among managers.
* EITJ (extraverted,intuitive,thinking,judging)-analytical,strategic,quick to take charge;common for leaders.
* ISJF (introverted,sensing,judging,feeling)-conscientious,considerate and helpful;common among team players.
* IITJ (introverted,intuitive,thinking,judging)-insightful free thinking,determined;common for visionaries.

* Additional Personality Traits
* Locus of control -is the extent to which one believes that what happens is within one’s control.
* Authoritarianism -is the degree to which a person tends to defer to authority.
* Machiavellianism -describes the extent to which someone is emotionally detached and manipulative.
* Self-monitoring -is the degree to which someone is able to adjust behavior in response to external factors.
* Type A personality -is a person oriented toward extreme achievement,impatience and perfectionism.


Attitude – is a predisposition to act in a certain way.
There have 3 components you must recognize to fully understand attitudes, Positive and Negative.

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